Monday, December 10, 2007


That happened maybe 10 miles from home, so I didn't make it to Great Glen for the sprints. I did however drive up to Craftsbury the next day for the opener, on my little donut at 55mph (which is considerably slower than my normal highway speed...), and that was totally worth the trip. The race report in words is coming, here is a photo essay, complete with a haiku:

Four AM wakeup
Ski racing at Craftsbury
Thank god for coffee

This is normal, right?

Heading towards Franconia Notch just before sunrise.

Self portrait a la Thom P.

Driving into Franconia Notch, Cannon has its head in the clouds.

Cannon mt.

Leaving the notch with the sunrise behind me.

Cloudy day heading into Craftsbury.

Craftsbury Common. The marathon finishes here.

Snowy trails and a grinning Ilke.

And then I went home. Long day, but thoroughly satisfying.


Colin R said...

I can't tell if your self portrait is "grim" or "stoic"

But that's some impressive timer work while driving a car.

Jamie said...

Rob and I used to do the one day surgical strike for the Craftsbury Marathon, getting there in time for the 9 am start which meant leaving about 5. After 50 km thats a really long day! Congrats on the podium!