Thursday, May 24, 2012


A pretty massive effort is put toward fundraising for the US Orienteering Team(s) every year.  Being a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization, Orienteering USA never has much spare change floating around to send its teams to the far corners of the earth.  Or even just to Europe.  The teams get a nominal amount in the budget, but it ain't much.  That doesn't mean we aren't thankful for what they do give us, but we rely heavily on fundraising, usually out of our own pockets and those of our close friends, to get to international competition.  Being on two OUSA teams - summer orienteering AND ski orienteering - I get to do a lot of fundraising.  Wooo!

Last weekend, local Team members who are also a part of NEOC hosted a meet in Breakheart Reservation, and NEOC generously agreed to give all the profits to the Team.  Currently, NEOC members can attend local meets for free, so NEOC also agreed to donate $5 for every runner who was a NEOC member.  Super awesome!  Between entries and the "Additional donations" coffee can, we made a good chunk of money, and the Team is super thankful.  Getting to Switzerland in high summer just before the London Olympic Games is not a cheap prospect, but this got us one step closer to being able to afford it!

I was the meet director and course setter, but definitely couldn't have done it alone.  Ali did some major heavy lifting, in the metaphorical sense, helping to vet control locations a few weeks ago with myself, Giacomo, and Brendan, and then helping me and Meg to set out all the controls on the day of the event.  I had Pete Lane and Jim Paschetto doing their usual awesome work at the registration and download area, and a slew of helpers, including Ian, Ed, and Pete Frykmann, to pick up controls.  The meet went really smoothly, and everyone seemed to have a good time, aside from one guy, who is just a grouch.  I decided it was best to let his criticisms just roll over me.

I had time to get out and run a course on Sunday, so hit up the Green course.  Not my speediest, but still fun to get out and bash through some blueberries.
We had a pavilion to work out of, and that made life very pleasant.  It didn't hurt that it was a gorgeous day!

Me trying ineptly to explain to beginners how this sport works... they made it back alive, so my instructions couldn't have been TOO bad.

Ian just posted a whole bunch of photos from West Point weekend, so I couldn't help but steal some to put up here.  I particularly like the one of my completely exploded car... 

Ed charging to the finish.

My car appears to be growing various appendages and clothing bits. 

Sarah Bjorkman and I comparing routes.  This photo may have been staged...

The ministry of silly walks would like to offer me a position.

Becky and I were having a good time running together; Ian just missed my fantastic leap into the air when I'd seen him.  I love how giggly we look.

This weekend is yet another fundraiser meet, this time to raise money for the Ski Orienteering Team.  Being an A-meet, it's a bit more demanding, but also far more lucrative.  I can't wait to have all this fundraising stuff over with though, and just get back to plain ol' training!

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