Monday, May 27, 2013

Wrapping up spring o' season

With June right around the corner, we're basically wrapping up the spring orienteering season.  The next big races are the World Championships, for me, in early July.  This leaves me with a solid training block ahead of me, and I'm trying to take full advantage of that!  Looking back on the spring season, it was over quickly, but here are some extra photos I haven't posted yet...

This one is from an early spring meet, chit-chatting with Pete and Jim.

Anna and I teamed up for the Speedygoat sprint relay the day before the Billygoat.  We won!  It was a tight race between our team and the husband-wife duo of Wyatt and Angelica, which made things super fun.  Above is the start, then Anna coming in for the finish.

This is the famed Billygoat prize doorstopper.  I got to sign it, with all the other big names on there.

Ali came to town!  Just in time for a park-o, before West Point.

At West Point, waiting on awards.

OMG shoes!  So many options!  The bright yellow ones aren't so bright yellow anymore... marshes have taken care of that =).

Ed decided to bring a bicycle to warm up on at the US champs.  This worked well, and gave his knee a chance to loosen up before running, and he could run without any pain.  But he got a lot of funny looks for it.
 Kseniya and Tereza
Tereza, Hannah, Evalin
Anna and Tereza
Me and Anne, after the junior course review
Melanie and I after course review.  It was super fun to go over courses with the juniors, hopefully they enjoyed it, too.
The boys comparing splits.
Erin, the USA junior team coach, surrounded by juniors of all ages, doing what he does best and inspiring them to want to get good at this sport.

This is Ed's setup from a local meet that we were running, down at Rocky Woods reservation last weekend.  Jeff Schapiro set courses, Ed ran the results, Larry and Sara Mae did registration (below), and I picked up controls.  And ran a few courses.  I couldn't keep pace with the speedier guys; that terrain is thick and requires a lot of strength, but I felt good during my course, despite two HUUUUUGE mistakes.
The blue course, with my route, and the contour-only course, done after the "real" courses. Splits. Got beat by a lot of guys.

New shoes!  Inov-8 is coming through, and all sorts of awesome trail and orienteering shoes are coming my way!  Stay tuned for some shoe reviews, real soon.

I think this is my scary smile... leading a death march sunday long run through the fel

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