Monday, August 11, 2014

Running up hills!

Just small hills, but I've been enjoying letting my feet take me up and down hills with the occasional rock thrown in, lately.  Two weekends ago, Ed and I headed down to Connecticut for the People's Forest trail race, which I did last year and very much enjoyed.  It's a short race, in the trail racing world, just 7 miles with a modest 350m of elevation gain, and Ed figured it would be a good one to try out; I was psyched he wanted to come.  Last year I won, but so much is dependent on who shows up, and this year someone showed up who is faster.  I think I may have been closing the gap on the downhill, but then I took a wrong turn right near the end, stupidly, and lost about 3-4 minutes, as well as 4 places to guys I had worked darn hard to pass.  That was a bummer, but you gotta pay attention to the course in trail races, and when I revisited the location of the tricky junction in my cooldown, it was really quite obvious that I should have gone the other way.  What in the world tempted me to go left? Darnit!  At least that was just a 3-4min error; Ed and a group of maybe 6 other people made a wrong turn that gave them an extra 100m of climb and a solid 15 minutes of extra running! oops.  I believe that turn caused problems last year, too, so it's a bummer the race director didn't sign it slightly better this year.  Oh well, no harm done, and it was a lovely day for a run over rocks and hills with friendly people.  

Here's a photo from a run (over hills) with Ed down in the Blue Hills.  We're so lucky to have a park like that pretty much right in Boston!

Back to the Blue Hills for a long run with some juniors and some orienteers and some washed up old coaches, this time on a humid day. Hey Alex, do you want to go up the ski hill too? One guess as to what I said...

So last weekend I had been instructed not to sign up for any races, because it was family reunion time for Ed's family in Vermont.  That's a great place to hang out in the summer, and it's been so dry that the bugs aren't even a problem.  We had lots of fun, including a hike with some of the family that quickly turned into a 10 mile run over 700m of climb on the AT, no complaints here!  We are so lucky to have the Green Mountains and a 2000-mile trail right out the door there.

And then driving home, I *may* have gotten side tracked and stopped to run up Mt. Monadnock, having never climbed that one before.  It's a lovely little peak, with great views and lots of rock scrambling. So much fun! I was feeling so grateful for being me as I scrambled up that hill, that I can just pull the car over and do stuff like this, spontaneous joyous bounding up and down beautiful trails.  Love it.

We're racing Savoy Mountain trail race this weekend; I did that one last year and it certainly has its share of hills and rocks! Can't wait!

The cleaned-up selfie

The sweaty selfie. I like this one better.

Descent to Griffith Lake, lovely and runnable.

Looking east from the ascent back to Mad Tom Notch.  What a day for running!

Ed and his dad rebuilding an ancient jeep in the cabin in Vermont. Someday, it may even resemble a jeep again.

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