Monday, July 28, 2008

I had some very special visitors this weekend. My mom drove all the way from Rochester, mostly so I could see the dogs and just bask in their cuteness, but also just because a girl likes to see her mom occasionally. We didn't exactly do anything, making it a great weekend. Most of these shots are from our walk out in Hale Reservation in Dover.

Her majesty, Tira.

His Highness, Rudi. "I am king of this rock and all I can see from it! Now you will share your picnic with me."


Apparently my civic is a better transporter of building materials than Ed's truck. We're pushing our cart full of wood towards my car in the parking lot of Home Depot in Southie (where Ed's new office is), and this random dude walks up.
Random dude: "Sir, can I help you with that?"
Ed: "No thanks, I've got all the help I need"
Random dude: "Who, her?"
Ed: "Yeah"
Random dude: "Damn straight!"

And thats one of the light-up floor thingies that Ed works on.

"What is this thing? Do I eat it?"

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