Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Holding tight

I was hoping to go home today, but no such luck. Able to check in to the first flight no problem, but waiting two hours in the gridlock of potential passengers at Heathrow to check my skis caused me to miss it. They send me to the customer service, which was a rather large line, wrapping around most of the terminal. While in line, I borrowed a phone from the gal behind me, called BA, and they rebooked me for a 4:05pm flight. I figured I could definitely make this one. Get back in line to check the skis. Wait another 1.5 hours, finally get to the desk, and she says, your flight is cancelled. Look back at the monitors, but its still on the screen! Well, they say its canceled. Wait here while I check. Yes, canceled. Call BA back. They can put me on a 7pm flight, or tomorrow morning. I choose the morning and head back to London for a great dinner with aunt and uncle, cousins, and grandfather. Some things do end well, but I just want to go home.

Take 3, tomorrow.

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Luke S said...

The best part is that now its snowing in Boston. Good luck getting home Alex.