Friday, August 15, 2008

24 Hours of Great Glen-- the annotated Garmin picture you've been waiting for

because you have been waiting for it, haven't you?

The garmin elevation data is always kind of shaky, but for the two full laps that it was able to record data before the battery conked out, the ascent was 1337 and 1449 feet. Call it 1400ft, over 8 miles, the only thing I have to compare it to is the ride I did in VT a couple weeks ago, that was 1800 feet over 9 miles. I guess great glen isn't nearly as hilly as it feels... It always feels flat on skis but hilly on a bike--I guess I can just chalk that up to my inability to turn pedals in circles. Or the mud slowing things down.

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Luke S said...

I think GG feels flat on skis because there isn't a ton of sustained climbs. Rather, there are lots of sharp rolls, and your momentum can carry you up about 50% of the hills. I've never biked there, but thats why GG feels kinda flat even though it has some pretty decent little hills