Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I feel like I've been battling some sort of injury or other all spring. Mostly, they've been small, easily-dealt-with annoyances, but I have yet to feel like I'm healthy and ready to kill it ski training. I thought I was there, the last couple weeks have been feeling better and better, but today I managed to knock myself back again.

I went to the track this morning, to do some speedwork, I was pretty psyched about the workout, which is saying a lot when its not yet 6am and we're talking about track intervals. As part of my warmup, I was doing some 100m strides across the infield, and on the second one, I stepped funny, doing something to my knee that was sending messages back to brain saying "stop now". I listen to those messages, I couldn't bear weight and it hurt to straighten my leg. I decided that HTFU was the wrong approach here, pushing through it would just make things worse. Barely able to limp home, I thought I'd just be sort of dejected that I couldn't complete my workout (and likely can't do any running workouts for the rest of the week), but instead I'm angry. Angry at my body for letting me down. Who gave it permission to break down on me? I'm not asking more of it than I should be, I'm not throwing new techniques or drastic increases in volume or intensity, I'm not even training through injuries, I take damn good care of myself so why the HELL am I breaking?

My future may be filled with television and video games. Screw this sporty stuff, it just wears me out. I'm gonna have to keep my soul in a cage to keep it from jumping ship to someone who plays outside from time to time, though.


Cathy said...

Yikes! And you're not even old ;). Maybe we can commiserate - my ankle is still no better (although I am taking the HTFU approach and likely shouldn't be).

I also understand the anger. Hope the knee feels better soon. Remember R-I-C-E!

Alex said...

I'm going with I-I. Clearly skipping the R, C, and E. Ice and Ibuprofen make everything better, right?