Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Training weekend

Jess and I got together last weekend to do some training, get serious and be all PRO. That mostly involved long naps and lots of good food. But we did some training too, a long humid rollerski, some strength, some ski walking intervals with the Stratton summer training group, another rollerski, and a "recovery" bike ride. Too bad there are hills everywhere in VT, that made the recovery somewhat more difficult. Nothing beats training with another skier to get your motivation back. This was a really necessary weekend, emotionally and mentally. I'm ready to go, now, after a period of gimpiness.

There was a little silliness...

Food coma after the landgrove potluck.

Ed was there too, but he was busy doing real-life things, like sheetrocking the bedroom, so we didn't see him much. He also had ice cream duty at the party, on top of the fireworks duty...

Cutest puppy EVER. I was completely gaga.

Training pictures? We were too busy being PRO to take pictures!

Actually, my camera batteries ran out.

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