Monday, March 14, 2011

Here goes

I leave tomorrow for Sweden, for the World Championships in Ski Orienteering. After Rangeley and Ski to the Clouds, I'm less than certain about my fitness, but there isn't much I can do now that would be effective except rest. Never been good at that. As with every big competition, I feel woefully under-prepared and under-practiced in the skills I feel are necessary, but again, not much I can do now.

I get to Sweden by Wednesday morning, and head to Mora, where Erik Svensson is helping us get some access to maps and terrain, and it will be walking that fine line between resting enough and practicing map-reading enough... Sunday we head north, to Tänndalen. Monday is an easy day, just skiing around on model maps, and then a week from tomorrow, Ski WOC begins! I'm pretty pumped.

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Cathy said...

Good luck! You will be fine - self-doubt is a bad thing. Think positive thoughts and have a good time.