Monday, July 23, 2012

Final WOC photos

I've successfully departed Lausanne, and landed in London.  Lots of pre-olympic stuff going on here, but it's avoidable.  Now that I have internet I figured I could dump the rest of my photos from WOC.  Beautiful weather led to lots of photos!  

Sam on the big screen before her start in the long final.  The WOC organizers were pretty dumb, and did not make it easy for people to get from the spectator races to the WOC races, so there weren't nearly as many people in the arena as there had been last year.  

There was a gummybear vendor in the arena.  I bought a giant gummy frog.  He's on my knee, there.  He was delicious.

Annika Billstam, Sweden, through the arena in the long.

Boris got hold of my camera and took a lovely photo.

After the long distance race, we went shopping for banquet outfits.  The ladies found a nice outfit, the guys found some ladies jeans that they really liked.  shiny and tight.  this is what happens when you let Giacomo be the fashion consultant.  Above - can we wear these? Does my butt look big?

Oh yeah, we can wear these.  

Sandra modeling our banquet outfit.  

The zebra shoes fit right in with the nasty o' shoes.

Then on to relay-spectating!  Ali had a fantastic first leg, above she's on the jumbotron in the lead pack.

Hannah and I got WICKED excited about this.  We spent a lot of time sprinting around the stadium screaming loudly.

Ali, still with the lead pack!  Does she hear us when we scream at the screen?

Ali with the lead pack, coming through the stadium.

USA, tags off in 3rd!  In the world!


Sam, into the finish chute, anchoring us to 15th!  A pretty awesome run for these ladies.  Next year, I'm on that team.

GPS tracking on the big screen.  Cool stuff, let's you see who is making a mistake, where the race is won and lost.  There are lots of little lines because the controls are forked, so that you can't just blatantly follow.  

Team superstar supporters, Linda and Rick!  

Sandra, exhausted from the relay, before rallying for the beverage race.

Giacomo acquired some food, intelligently, pre-beverage race.  

Ross and a broken Australian giving us the rules (the gimps were in charge)

Finishing the last leg of the beverage race. 

Hopefully, there exist some photos of the ladies in their outfits, since we looked darn good (the guys just looked ridiculous).  But those photos may just got onto facebook, rather than here.  It was a fun week, inspiring and humbling and exciting, and I am totally psyched to prep for next year.  

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