Friday, April 19, 2013


Springtime means the ski season is over, I guess, and I got a chance to finish up and defend my masters thesis.  That went well, now I just need to make some edits and get the committee to sign off on it.  I figured proper celebration would involve a long trail run (7 sisters, anyone?), and then I boogied up to Vermont, where Ed was impatiently waiting for me so we could go do some skiing.

Ed carried my skis for me, which is the true mark of a gentleman.  Or maybe it was to make up for the fact that I was on the world's crappiest pair of snowshoes.  But at that point, the crust was starting to soften, so snowshoes were definitely the ticket.

Up to the top of Peabody, which is thankfully a small mountain, and then down through some sweet maple beech forests!

Then it's off to the sugarhouse, because springtime means maple syrup.  

Best liquor dispenser ever.

Doors were glowing red hot - that's a good fire!

Sunday wasn't much more restful, as I hit up the Danby road for one last ski of the season, then headed back to Boston in time to help Lori and Stephen with their orienteering meet, then arrived at the CSU end-of-season banquet just in time, and even showered!  

That's how springtime weekends should be spent.

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