Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Presidential traverse

A few years ago, Anna Mcloon and I hiked the Presidential Traverse (from north to south), and hit Mt. Washington in time to watch some of the runners crawl to the top in that mt. washington race. This year, I had three junior skiers doing the race, plus head coach Rob, teammate Amy, and quite a few other folks who I know and would love to cheer for. So, I figured it was time to do another traverse.  The group consisted of myself, Ari from the orienteering section, Tom from the running section, Sydney from the junior skiing section, and Ari's friend Jess, from the huts.  I didn't pay quite close enough attention to the expected timeline, so we missed the race by like an hour, but at least we still saw some of the people in the zoo on top of Washington and I could offer them summit chocolate.  It was a fun way to spend the day, and re-filled some of that "mountain time goes here" bucket inside of me. I don't feel like wasting any more words, so here are some photos.

Duck falls, coming up Watson path. 

Blurry forest trails!

Less blurry forest.

Watson path was pretty awesome.

The big one.

Looking south on the descent to Lakes of the Clouds.

Looking back up towards Washington.

Monroe. pretty rewarding to walk up a president in 14 minutes.

Zan offered to drive my car to the southern end, then hiked up to Lakes of the Clouds to run back down the hill with us.

Someday when we're old and can't do stuff like this, I hope we have an entire album of photos of us on mountains.

And down the Crawford path.


Ben Kimball said...

I think my entire life mantra is to, when I'm old and can't do this stuff anymore, have an entire album of photos doing cool stuff on mountains =)

Alex said...

It's a good mantra.