Monday, July 7, 2014

De-jet-lagging in Europe

I arrived in London last weekend, to spend a few days with my grandfather and that side of the family, and it was nice to decompress in a place where there is no stress about orienteering or racing.  Beautiful weather and a great visit!  

The flower stall by the church.

Love this sunroom.

Look out, or I'll bop you with a breadstick.

Trafalgar square.

From there, I EasyJetted my way down to Milan, where I picked up Hannah and we drove up to Lavarone, on the high plateau near Trento.  Mountains! and cliffs! and trees! 

Hannah found a cliff!

Breakfast here is delicious.  Cappucino e brioche (they call croissants brioche here)

Lavarone, in the village of Gionchi.

Lago di Lavarone.

The plateau of Asiago - we've been making a lot of trips to Asiago and back, since the middle distance races are over there, so all the training is over there for the middle. The long distance stuff is in Lavarone, so less of a drive, but I've been training at both areas, in case I am selected to run the relay as well.

One of my favorite views on the way back to Lavarone - we've now stopped here about four times to take photos of the view!

A view of Il Cornetto - this mountain is just begging to be run up!

Same view, this time with cows!

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