Monday, May 19, 2008

Colgate Graduation

such a good view of the stage.

Most schools have a plan for where to put their graduation if it is raining. Colgate claims to have a plan, also, but they only put it into action if it is thundering. You can guess where this is going. We sat in the rain for two hours watching my brother graduate, which is great and all, I'm glad he did it, but I didn't need the rain thing. I stupidly didn't bring a rain jacket (is that why it rained?), but I had an umbrella. Alas, they made us put down the umbrellas. My grandfather spent the whole time in the car, and we all left as soon as Tif was done, which was too bad, because we didn't get to hang around in the sun and take pictures of him and his friends afterwards like I had been able to for mine. My grandfather put it well -- "They should have failed half of them! There are way too many names here!"

Anyway, rainy ceremony aside, it was a good weekend. Saturday Christophe's band played, and although they'd had to set up in a hurry and the sound wasn't quite right, it was a good show, and I was glad to see them before they disband as they all go their separate ways. They're on itunes, go download the music. Sonic Symposium. I recommend "dungeons and dragons" from their latest cd, or anything from the first one. "King of pop" is good.

I brought my bike, and we went on a sweet ride sunday morning. I almost killed a goose that was sleeping on the road, but we escaped unscathed, and then the weather fouled up just in time for graduation. After that, we drove to Williamstown, because my grandfather went to school there and wanted to see it. We had a great dinner, heard some wonderful stories from him, and then bolted out of there by noon so he and my uncle could catch their plane back to London. A packed weekend, but a good time, and great to see the London contingent.

Farms near Colgate. Pretty riding fo sho.

we found a dirt road. It went up. A lot.

Quietly watching us ride by.

stormy light while riding in williamstown.


Kris said...

the photographer in me has to point out that it looks like your camera is set at super high ISO for all of these recent pictures. might want to have a look at that.

Alex said...

yeah I was trying to figure that out. I did find that it was on the lowest quality setting... I'll check the ISO also.