Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ski-o suit design

I need some input. I'm designing the US ski-orienteering race suits. I think I have the pattern down, that I want to do, but I'm stumped on colors. Below are five jpgs (pardon the atrocious photoshop-drawing skills... hopefully you get the idea), with variations on blue and white. What I want to know, is, which color scheme do you like best, and, should it say US SKI-O or USA SKI-O instead of just USA?

sweet. Thanks.

I'm obviously being quite productive.


LAV said...

I like the top one with more black in it. I also think I like having Ski-O on it too. Maybe USA on the back and US or USA Ski-O on the leg or arm?

V said...

I think the black and white one would make you look like a very skinny orca. . . but the dark & light blue one looks very cool (and my fav color is blue, so obviously i like it). . .but, the ones with the little red lines look more like USA colors.

maybe you can put "Ski-O" on the butt. . .hahaha.

Alex said...

I was given explicit directions that no sparkles were allowed (why do they think I'd put sparkles on a suit?), and no writing on the butt. I think USA on the butt would be splendid, but sometimes you just gotta compromise.

Jamie said...

I like the 2nd one from the top because it isn't quite so dark. US Ski-O works well....rolls off the tongue better than USA Ski-O.