Friday, May 16, 2008


Life is not exactly blog-worthy recently. Trying to catch up on stuff after missing a week of work, on a rest week for training, not doing any weekday racing or other fun adventures. I won't be racing this weekend, either, as my brother is graduating from Colgate, so I get to sit and watch lots of people cross a stage and hopefully recognize which black-robed figure he is. I'd like to bring my bike, though, if the rain holds off. Then at least I'll have a sweet garmin pic of someplace that is not Boston.

I'm into the third week of the ski year, and although it has kind of taken a while, I'm starting to get pretty motivated. Starting to remember what it feels like to go hard, to get sore, to remember that every workout has a purpose. I finally finished summer waxing skis... last night. Winter has been officially put away!

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