Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another reason I love my bike team

We have wireless in the shop. I hear there is also wireless along the NYS thruway, so I'll probably post again tomorrow =), because I can!

I felt like posting the maps from the two sprints last wednesday; I find it kind of fun to look through it and figure out how I would have gotten to the controls. As you can see it is somewhat of a trail running course, but the scale is like 1:5000, so its pretty quick between features, meaning that you have to think on your feet.

If you print these maps out, you can go play on them, since this is located at the Fells. Go north from Medford along rte 38, and park behind the highschool. The start is from the back of the parking lot. Good times...

Next week I'll be leading a week-long backpacking trip in PA (Have I mentioned that The Nature Conservancy is AWESOME to let me take this sort of time off??), leading eight 9th-graders with learning disabilities on their first trip into the woods. I'll try and take lots of pictures and hopefully I won't be wishing I'd brought some hard alcohol with me... this is why I'll be on the NYS thruway tomorrow, the trip starts and ends in Rochester, so I'll get to hang out with Jess and ride my mtb at Dryer park. I'll try and take pictures of that, too, because Dryer park is freakin awesome.

Time to go play with bikes... and make sure I know how to set up Ed's bivy...

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