Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Exciting pastimes of Alex

This morning I painted my toenails purple. Shiny purple! They were looking far too naked to be wearing sandals to work, and I was in a shiny purple mood.

Last night I was at one of the CSU-orienteering training races, we call them park-o's since they're often held in parks and aren't very long. Except that Alexei made this one about twice as long as normal. And it was at the Fells, which has really thick, thorny underbrush, meaning I spent a lot more time running around patches of woods on trails that I would have liked to. Then I saw Rachel, one of my IBC teammates, out riding her bike, and she seemed very surprised that I was running, and exclaimed that I was running very fast. I guess it's good she didn't see me at one of the points where I was standing still staring at my map trying to figure out what trail I was on. That may have happened once or twice.

And I figured out how to make pizza dough! I've never had much success with homemade pizza, because I like thin-crust pizza that is pretty crunchy. I know I could just use a pita, but that always feels like cheating. Well, the trick is to just cook your pizza in a really hot oven on the lowest rack in the oven! That way the crust gets crunchy but the toppings don't get burned. And oh boy was it delicious. Except make sure that the cornmeal is only under the pizza dough, not on the pan around the dough, because it will burn and smoke will come out of your oven. Usually smoke is a sign of bad things happening.

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