Sunday, April 6, 2008


I felt the need for some quality beagle-time, and flew to Rochester for the weekend. Playing cards, walking the dogs, riding bikes with old guys who could kick my butt if they so chose, what more could I want from a visit home =)

The most reliable dishwasher you'll ever find

Some sweet finds as you head south on a bike...

regrouping at a stop sign. What, tired?? Beautiful day for riding bikes

Although I had planned on not doing any sports, Jess convinced me to come out and shadow her through an old orienteering course at Mendon Ponds, which was probably good training for the US relay champs that are coming up in a couple weeks here, to get reacquainted with the terrain. And then one of my dad's riding buddies scrounged up a bike for me, so at that point I couldn't back out of a bike ride. I'm not good at not training...

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