Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A snapshot of a typical day in Alex-world

I borrowed Ed's truck yesterday to run some errands. Come out of the store, sit in the truck, try to turn it on, it's dead. Huh. I didn't leave the lights on or anything, why is it dead? Sit there for a little bit thinking about how much I don't feel like walking home in the dark and the rain, and how I wish I'd brought my cell phone. Wander down to a Mexican restaurant where they let me use their phone.

"Hey Ed, its me. Your truck won't start"
"oh, negative battery terminal"
"The negative battery terminal is oxidized, you just have to jiggle it around a bit"
"Uh, ok. Thanks?"

I go back to the truck. Hmm, I've never opened the hood on this vehicle before. Ah, there is the hood lever. I pull on the lever, and the part that you pull on comes off of the part that does the actual unlatching of the hood. Shit. Back to the Mexican restaurant.

"Hey its me again. I broke the thingy that opens the hood"
"You did what?"
"Well, the thing that connects to the thing that does the actual opening, it came off in my hand. So I can't open the hood"
"I guess you're walking home then"

So, Ed goes to fix his truck this morning. I get a call.

"You're officially the world's biggest idiot"
"well, pulling on my parking brake release isn't going to open the hood. But you did break my parking brake release"
"Oh. oops."