Friday, April 11, 2008

Not dead yet!

Given that the focus of my life and my blog is sports, I don't really have much to say when I'm not playing sports. This will change this weekend! I'm going out to the Billygoat, in East bumberfloot NY at some state park, and this event is always a fun one. I am guessing it will border on impossible, since last year it was too easy and too many people finished in under the time cut-off. They'll overreact and make a viciously long, soul-crushing slog. I'm sure of it. Well, no better way to go into this than out of shape!

Aside from dreaming about brambly, muddy orienteering courses, I've been catching up with my sedentary side, reading some books I'd put aside, playing scrabble, sleeping late (for me, 8am is late), half-heartedly searching for a new car, and baking lots of muffins. Busy life, I know.

Soon enough though, it'll be back to the hectic Alex-world that I prefer to live in. Enjoy the cold rain this weekend!

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