Friday, August 14, 2009

[Northern] Vermont

This weekend I'm attending the Gaining Ground clinic with NENSA - its a coaching certification thing, and CSU thinks its a good idea I learn how to coach before I inflict any permanent damage to our juniors. Anyway, its up in Craftsbury, and it doesn't start until 2pm on Friday, which meant one thing to me - Kingdom Trails Friday morning! I don't really have anything to add about that except that there was not one moment during three hours where I ever thought anything different than "holy crap I am having so much fun right now!". Well, there was one moment when I was thinking "I wonder what that squeaking is?", but I generally don't worry too much about that sort of thing. Thom fixes my bike when it breaks, its all good.

The next two days should be fun, we have Janice Sibilia (NENSA head of competitive programs) directing the thing, Nina (the superfast Russian olympian from Gunstock) and Andy Newell are helping out, and Pepa Miloucheva and the Craftsbury Green Team are giving us talks and stuff in the evening. Action packed!

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