Thursday, August 20, 2009

Raw emotions

The parental units called yesterday with news about Tira. Her heart started to slowly fail a while ago, so we put her on medicine, but shes been laboring more and more to breathe and yesterday she had a back spasm, or something like that. She can't really walk anymore, isn't all that interested in food, and can't breathe too well. Its kind of rough news, so I'll be heading home to hopefully catch her in time to say goodbye after Virginia's wedding this weekend. Tira is my dog, we got her when I was in 7th grade and I trained her and walked her and came home in between school and cross country to make sure we could go sniff rabbits in the cemetery. She is also far more adept at reading emotions than most dogs - she knows what is going on in your head, whether or not you tell her, although she sure is a good listener.

Anyway, maybe it was because of the bad news about Tira, or maybe I'm just having a bad day, but it was sort of one thing after another today. First, my binding broke in half off of my classic rollerski. That was a relatively short walk home, since it happened early on. Then my heart rate monitor died. Then I had to bike in to the city and naturally got a flat on the conti's, which I can't change alone, so busted up one tube before walking two miles to a bike shop, where I paid $17.44 to fix a flat. God damn, thats how they make their money, isn't it. Somebody call the waahmbulance. Given my rate of equipment failure, I'm a little worried about driving back to VT this afternoon... hopefully the car holds it together. I've been on these big emotional swings all day, from feeling great to just sobbing, I guess maybe feeling great actually means maniacally laughing at something that isn't funny, I kind of feel like a bundle of jangling nerves. Don't cross me today, you don't know what you'll get...

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