Monday, December 15, 2008

The Ice Weasles Cometh - Spectator's point of view

Everyone was in a great mood saturday. It was chilly, but sunny, and I showed up to the race, put on by Colin, Thom, and IBC, to sell some cupcakes.

This is what I call "the cupcake palace", and it is made using Alex-logic and copious quantities of duct tape. Ed was convinced that it would collapse, but it stayed up! Only the highest-quality materials were used in building this monstrosity... titanium and carbon fiber, oh yeah!

I had a great time, not racing, just watching, heckling a little, selling my wares, bartering for real food with cupcake food. I would have liked to race, by the time I got there I was wishing I'd put my bike in the car, but it was better that I didn't. I don't think I saw a single person there who wasn't smiling, although not everyone was smiling quite this much while racing...

I'm amazed this girl stayed upright...

Cross season is over now. Not that I partook in any of the racing-fun since Noho, but I will miss it nonetheless. By next July, I'll be wishing I were riding my cross bike... cursing myself for not racing more than I did.

But its ski season for real now, despite mother nature disagreeing with that point... Sunday featured a one-day-surgical-strike for the Craftsbury Opener. I'll get to that later. For now I'm just getting pumped to ski on 300 meters of snow on red klister. Woot.

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