Monday, December 1, 2008

Last couple days at Salmon Hills

The snow was goooood.

Jess and I jumped into a relay-style time trial with UVM, Middlebury, Williams, and a couple others. Jess headed out first, avoided an encounter with the dog (check her blog for her account of the dog...), and brought us in fifth. I went out and chased hard and had the usual first-time-on-snow issues of lower leg cramping, caught Mary Stewart from UVM and Fiona Worcester from Williams, and didn't see anyone else out there. We were doing three laps of a 2.5km loop, and it could have been crowded, except it wasn't. It felt good to test the legs on snow, instead of pavement, and I liked how I felt. Too bad Paul didn't get any times for me or Jess, it would have been nice to see where we landed in the pack of top collegiates.

One last shot of snow-porn on which to feast your eyes...


Jamie said...

Ok, I'm drooling over those snow porn pics!

Zoo said...

Looks like WAY too much fun!