Wednesday, January 7, 2009

False hope...

We didn't race today. They got us all excited, announcing that the race had been pushed back and would be a 5k instead of a 10 and we all rushed to pick up bibs and get warming up, and then they cancelled it. Whose genius idea was it to hold nationals in Anchorage in January? I'm sure this is a great place in March, the volunteers and the grooming and the facilities are all awesome, but the weather doesn't want to cooperate.

And I feel like I have a little yippy dog caught inside of me that is just so full of nervous energy its going to start bouncing. Jess and I have a plan, when the race is cancelled again tomorrow, we're doing classic intervals. And when its cancelled thursday, we'll do skate intervals. A girl's gotta do SOMETHING, after all...

Dorcas working some magic before we find out the race be cancelled.

I found out today why Kincaid is so wiggly and hilly and bumpy and fun to ski on, while the rest of Anchorage is so flat - sand dunes! Thank god for the geology majors in our midst.

So, Jess and I went skiing and took action shots in front of the tidal flats.

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Colin R said...

Hey Alex, I had the same conversation ("why the hell is nationals in such a cold place?!") with Linnea and we did a little research.

It turns out that Anchorage isn't actually much colder on average in January than other locales -- it's just having a killer cold snap. I remember there were temperature issues in Rumford a few years ago too. A better question, really, is "why do we do nats in January?"

Average January High:

Anchorage: 22
Houghton: 22
Rumford: 27