Friday, January 16, 2009


Alex is cutting up a chocolate cake into pieces, and hands Ed a piece of cake

Ed: mmm, this is good, is this the cake you were going to use the sour cream for?
Alex: yeah, but I used yogurt instead, it makes it healthier
Ed (considering): well, its good anyway, it has really good texture
Alex: that's because of the zucchini
Ed (looking aghast): there's zucchini in here?? No, you're lying! There is NOT zucchini in this cake!
Alex: (laughs hysterically)
Ed: You're lying! We didn't have any zucchini, you couldn't have used one!
Alex: No, look, see heres a little green piece from the zucchini
Ed: looking betrayed, finishes his piece of cake anyway

Score one for the zucchini!

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