Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye London, hello Sweden

My brief sojourn in London is coming to an end, it was great to see the family and be on vacation for a couple days, but now its back to business - ski orienteering! Tonight, I head to Stockholm, where I'll spend the night with a friend of a friend of a friend, whom I have never met and only have vague instructions as to how to get to his house. I trust this friend link, though, since it starts with Anna and I trust Anna, therefore I should trust a friend of hers, and therefore I should trust a friend of his. Makes sense to me!

Saturday morning we'll drive north, as Boris, Kat, and Neil want to go skiing anyway and figured they'd watch a day or two of the competition up near Mora, just further north and on more remote. Hopefully they won't mind stopping at Mora along the way so we can get in a good ski, as most of the ski-o competition areas will be embargoed from competitors skiing on the trails before the event. No point in giving anyone an advantage.

Here, its raining and 45 degrees. Time for a run in the the treadmill anyway.

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