Monday, October 26, 2009

Travel diet weekend

That means I stay home. My mom and my dog came to visit - Tira, she gave us such a scare back in August, we really thought she'd be dead in a couple days. And then she totally turned around, and now she is like a puppy again. She got attacked by a nasty dog Friday night, a big German Shepherd whose owner couldn't control it, and I guess its lucky that dog wasn't going for her throat, he took a big chunk out of her butt. She's ok, but was gimping around all weekend. Poor little old beagle, having to spend the weekend in my third-floor apartment - she'd give you the signs that she had to go out, we'd open the apartment door, she'd look at the stairs and change her mind. So slow up and down those stairs, even with the painkillers from the Vet she wasn't happy.
Here she is at the Rochester A-meet, assisting me with my duties as finish volunteer.

Luckily by Sunday she was more energetic and her wounds were scabbing over, so we went on a walk through a gorgeous forest on a gorgeous day.

But I have little respect for owners who can't control their dogs - if you know your dog has a history of attacking other dogs, keep it on a leash. Especially in public places, hell if Tira was a kid I bet the average mother would be suing.

It was a nice change from Saturday's rain, where we'd been helping out with CSU's Skyline Scramble, a trail race in the Fells. It was a pretty small turnout, and I'm afraid that some of the runners won't be coming back after they got lost - that is probably our fault, we floured the course but it rained overnight (the flour WAS still there), and the instructions were to follow the white blazes, which are sometimes hard to see. A couple people made a wrong turn, next year we'll definitely have to put out some streamers near intersections. You can't exactly run tape around an 8.1 mile loop, but at least the intersections will be better marked.

The bike cave, travel diet weekends tend to mean its time to fix the bike(s), luckily I had Ed playing too. I think we need more light in our place...

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