Thursday, October 8, 2009

US Team training camp

Yup, thats right, I'm at the US Team training camp right now.

Bet you all were thinking I was in Lake Placid! Wrong team, I'm in upstate NY with the US orienteering team. As much as I would love to train with the USST, well we all know that isn't going to happen. The US O Team is holding a camp at Harriman state park, where the World Orienteering Championships were held back in 1993. That means that the maps are world class, and this place happens to be where they'll be holding the team trials next spring. I got invited somehow, I'm a little fuzzy on the details, it either has to do with being on the US Ski-orienteering team, or just Ross really pushing for some other CSU runners to come along. Anyway, the coolest part of this camp is that a couple French orienteers, one of whom is super famous in the map running world, are here too, so we'll get to see how the best of the best do it.

Its a packed weekend coming up, but I'm pretty psyched. For most people, it'll culminate in the Hudson Highlander, but I'm not sure my ankle needs 4-5 hours of racing just yet... we'll see how I'm doing after 12 hours or so over three days in the woods.

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Jess said...

wow i wouldn't call that upstate ny... anything south of albany/syracuse just doesn't feel like upstate to me