Thursday, November 5, 2009


Only just got around to downloading photos from the camera... I hate how after daylight saving's time more workouts happen in the morning, in one way its fine since I'm a morning person, but it means that I'm tired at night and don't get anything done. Like downloading photos from the weekend before. I've put all the kids' race photos from Canton up on flickr, if you happen to know someone who had a kid in the race or you had a kid in the race or you want to see some cute lil' buggers on bikes, go check them out.

This was the only photo I took of myself dressed as a pirate. I'm trying my darndest to look tough, I'm pretty sure I was growling "arrrrrrr" as I took the photo, but I don't think I have the look down yet. I do like my elegant little parrot on my shoulder... wish I'd raced with him there.

Following are some of my favorites from the kids' race. They were all so focused... learning to be good bike racers at an early age, I suppose.

This girl got off to a pretty bad start, almost going off the course, but she held it together until the third corner, where she endoed and started crying. I felt sort of bad, I mean, its supposed to be fun, and her mom was urging her to get back on her bike and finish. Just give the damn kid a hug already.

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