Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photos from the weekend

This sort of overshadowed the whole weekend.

I brought Tira to help me work at the finish (she is a good worker, clearly), and this little girl really wanted to take her home.

The F65+ class discussing routes after the ultralong.

Larry Berman, founder of CSU and wearer of goofy hats.

Presto, in my custody while Lori raced and wondering why he can't go out in the woods too.

Lori in the finish chute laughing because I'm telling her that Presto misses her.

backpedalbackpedalbackpedalbackpedal! Gotta love cooking it into the finish and then trying to hit the control...

Ross-monster! He won both the sprint and the middle distance on Saturday. Go CSU!

Kat won both the sprint and the middle for the women. CSU swept men and women, we rock.

Dragonfly porn.


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Cathy said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle (remember I sprained mine before Coyote Hill?). Your toes look pretty though ;)