Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend fun

What with a swollen ankle I was home for the weekend. No cross. For some reason, everyone I know seems to think it necessary to tell me to not do fun things until my ankle is healed. Why would they think I'd do something like run on it? Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks... like physical therapy exercises.

Anyway, rollerskiing appears to be just fine, so I got to coach at both CSU practices, which doesn't happen very often. Got reeled into a 45 minute discussion on the biomechanics of double poling with Frank, that is always entertaining, and also at least L3 for me to keep up with him. I try to get a handle on what he is explaining with vectors and percentages of force and other big words, because not everyone is a German engineer. Hopefully I can then explain how to double pole to an eighth-grade J2 using terms she'll understand, but I want to make sure we're at least saying the same thing. Sunday was a fun practice, and I discovered that my ankle is fine with slow distance skiing, but not so much with slalom obstacle courses in the rain.

Of course, the exciting part of the weekend was the Sangria Showdown. Ed entered a watermelon sangria, served out of a watermelon with a tap. We won (I had nothing to do with any of this, except as a taster, but we transported the watermelon in my car, therefore I claim some of the glory) the best presentation award, because really, you can't top the watermelon.

Other entries, there were (I think) 16 total.
I really liked this one, it had peach schnapps in it.

A close-up of the watermelon and its plumbing.

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