Friday, July 20, 2018

CSU ski camp/vacation

I just got back from two weeks of vacation; a week in Vermont with Ed's family at "grammy camp," followed by a week in Winchendon coaching at the CSU summer camp, which ended around lunchtime on Friday, just enough time for us to head north to Jess and Graham's wedding party in North Pomfret.

Monday was tough, lemme tell ya.

The good news is that my knee finally appears to be healed. I could ramble on about lessons learned, but really it's just me trying to figure out how to deal with being old. I'm not 21 anymore, and turns out my body needs more rest than I like to give it. I'd say I probably passed my crash course in wisdom, but with like a C-, because then I went and sprained my ankle again. Whoops.

Luckily, the ankle healed enough for me to enjoy all the things I wanted to while on vacation.

Like maple creamees

First time my subi has pulled anything. Not a heavy lift, but it passed the test

Sunset from Ken's place on top of the hill

Uncle Ed

Trail run/hike from Mad Tom Notch to Big Branch with these two goofs

First year Ed didn't do the fireworks. I was relieved.

One of the meals we served. Pitas. Delish.

Finally got some good mountain weather as I headed off to camp. Clear and dry.

Back to basics: gotta hillbound to be a good skier.

Raspberries were spotted. Mayhem ensued.

Annual minigolf tournament. Rob beat the rest of the coaches. No real surprise, since he did go to Stratton Mountain Golf Camp.

Mountain day on top of Monadnock with Kathy and one of the kids

This is such a fun little peak

Running and hiking with a great group of chatty girls

Monadnock doesn't look as big from down here in the lake

Then up to North Pomfret, where we celebrated Jess and Graham being married, and Andrea being born, and generally having a group of fun people in one place. Also, we picked raspberries. Lots of raspberries.