Thursday, August 16, 2018


I haven't raced much this summer. I had to sit out the Greylock race, with my knee still bumming, and even though I've since taken myself off the injured list and am training again, I haven't found my racing mojo. I miss it.

I finally pinned on a number last week, at the Cigna Elliot 5k. It wasn't pretty. A muggy day in the upper eighties, at the end of a workday where I've drunk more coffee than is advisable and less water than might be recommended, with a big lunch to boot. I've put down some reasonable base, but not much for speed lately, and what speedwork I have done has been more like slowwork. I keep waiting for fitness to catch up, but maybe it's time to more aggressively chase it. At least at this point I've laid down a baseline, so hopefully soon I'll jump beyond it.

View from a morning run. May have turned into a 10am arrival at work. Oops.

Now that I'm off the injured list, and putting in a little base, I've signed up for the Pisgah 50k. The key will be to run it with no expectations of past-Alex, who could run fast and won races. I'm trying to come to grips with present-Alex, who doesn't look to be winning any races soon. Either way, win or lose, the training needs to happen, and it's nice to have a goal to work toward. The rest of the fall looks like a fun line-up of races, too. So this is all exciting!

Here are a collection of photos from the last few weeks of adventuring. It's been fun, if hot, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Country store lemonade stops

Rolling some great roads

Little bit of green tunnel action means that when you get a view, it's kind of awesome. 

Post adventure-run selfie with my ski boys

We've been enjoying the flowers from Red Fire Farm. Turns out, flowers are pretty! I like them!

Ed's new project: the Bullitt Timing mobile. 

Ed at work. That's some piece of engine. I think. 

Sunset hike with another CSU adventure weekend

Slightly underwhelming sunset, but the setting made up for it.

Adventure run along the Long Trail. Not actually much running going on in this photo.

There might be nothing I like better than putting one foot in front of the other moving through terrain. Happy to be able to share this with my skiers.