Friday, July 13, 2007

I realized three things this morning.
1. Its easy to get up early to train if you're excited about the workout.
3. My arms are so sore that its hard to wash my hands.

And now I go to Seattle. So, no races. And, I miss mt. snow. But, I think seeing my parents and the beagles and being a tourist and eating mountains of sushi and getting my legs ridden off by my dad and climbing big mountains and eating more sushi makes it worth it. Good luck to those of you who actually race in the summer!


Colin R said...

It's also easy to train if you're doing something super awesome, like night riding at the Fells. Order some lights when you're out in Seattle and come ride with me. I promise I'm way slower in the dark, and it's super fun.

Alex said...

If you're way slower, I'm stopped...