Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Injured. Again.

I thought I'd be able to regale you with tales of my races leading to one or possibly two national titles. Instead I sprained my ankle on control 6 (of 17) in the sprint, first event of the weekend, and now I can't run. The swelling is more or less under control at this point, and I've got a lot of mobility back, so tomorrow I'll try riding a bike outside. Gotta be able to move by Gloucester!

Bunch of photos coming. Because I couldn't do anything else.

Huge thanks to basically the entire women's field (I had started near the front of the pack) who all asked if they could help me as they came by, Lori and Dasha I actually had to argue with them that they should continue their races. It wasn't that long a hop to the finish.

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