Friday, October 5, 2007

Bike shop interactions

I walked into the bike shop last night.

Me: "Hey, I got a call that my front centerpull doohickey is here"
Justin: "We don't sell doohickeys here"
Me: "Uh oh. Do you sell whoosiwhatsits?"
Justin: "Yeah, I think we have a couple of those".
Me: "Oh, good. I'll take three"

Two years ago in Maine:
Setting: Alex has just bought a compact crank complete with bottom bracket. She is attempting to change this herself. Alex goes to bike shop

Me: "Hey Paul! I'm changing my bottom bracket. I have the take-er-out-er tool, but I need the put-er-in-er tool"

And from that day forth I was known as the whoosiwhatsit girl.


gewilli said...


josh said...

actually, you were known as quadzilla.

then after you left, there was a new candidate for quadzilla, also a nordy who wanted to ride a bit.

to distinguish, you are quadzilla I, and she is quadzilla II