Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cyclocrossing Goals

Inspired by Colin, I've decided to post some of my goals for cross season so that I will supposedly feel obligated to meet them. As usual, I probably put way too much thought into this.

-Two weeks of focus for Gloucester
-develop some leg power by riding my bike
-Increase mileage to more than zero miles a week

-Gloucester: (I would like to meet any one of these tiers of goals, 3 being most likely and 1 being least likely)
-Tier 1 goals(exceptional):
-5% back from leaders
-Top 20 placing either day
-beat Pauline Frascone, Melody Chase, or Perri Mertens (relatively random
-Not get lapped by Lynne Bessette (or anyone else)
-Tier 2 goals(reach):
-10% back from leaders
-Top 30 placing either day
-beat Hannah Kirshner, Meg Bilodeau or Marci Titus-Hall
-Place as well or better on second day
-Tier 3 goals (almost realistic):
-13% back from leaders
-Top 40 placing either day
-beat Allie Kenzer, Sue Mclean, or Erin Duggan
-Place as well or better on second day
-All three tiers: ride cleanly, smooth technique, put on time in runups, ride intelligently/draft the flats, start relaxed not too hard, move up from there

-Other CX races:
-Top 20 in a VERGE
-8% back in a VERGE
-top 5 at any race
-Get better at riding runups/stop being scared of trying it
-Get better at riding flats fast (or maybe just riding fast?)
-No DFLs, or DNS, DNF (unless there is a DAMN good reason)
-No pressure, remember that I'm not training for this, so why expect results
-stop going out too fast and then fading

I've got skiing goals too, but they're less interesting since they're all about training and time trials at this time of year. So we'll stick with cross, and see if I can reach any of these goals. Stay tuned...


Colin R said...

Casters Speed Comparison

The winning B woman was 14.5% back of Lyne Bessette at Caster's last year.

josh said...

you state all these goals, then say that you aren't training so dont expect results.

kinda paradoxical, no?

Alex said...

While I'm probably close to the best shape of my life right now, none of it is bike-specific. Am I screwed for cross races? I finished near mid-pack for both Sucker brook and eco-cross, so apparently rollerskiing, running and hill bounding isn't that bad for cross races. Would I do better if I rode my bike? Duh...

So no, I don't think it is paradoxical to have goals for cross despite not training specifically for it, as long as those goals are realistic. I recognize that I can't race bikes to my potential as a cyclist until I quit skiing and focus on cycling. I also recognize that if I exchange too many running or rollerskiing hours for those on a bike, they become junk hours in terms of skiing, and I won't come close to my potential as a ski racer. And I'm sinking far too much time, money, energy, and sacrifices into being a good ski racer to screw it all on cross racing...

Justin said...

i like this one:

"Increase mileage to more than zero miles a week"

Colin R said...

ok, I take it back. 38 women are prereg'ed for gloucester, guess you aren't guaranteed top 40. that shit is going to be crazy, if lyne bessette is close to lapping you i'm going to flip out