Wednesday, November 19, 2008

US Ski-o Jackets

So, I could use a little stylistic help. The US ski-o team jackets are coming in soon, and I need to get them embroidered. Team name, sponsors, logos, all that good stuff. I've been given free reign for artistic design, and I'm trying to decide what to put where on the jacket. We don't have an official US Ski-o team logo, so I made one up. I don't even know if its necessary, but I thought it would be nice on the front shoulder opposite the sponsors with "USA Ski Orienteering" written below it. As for the back of the jacket, I am torn between the writing "USA SKI ORIENTEERING" and the logo of a control flag with "USA SKI-O" written on it. I also can't decide which colors I like best for writing. The jackets are red with white highlights.

Here are the logo choices:

Here is what I'm thinking of doing with the jackets:
Jacket front:

Jacket back:

Got opinions? Advice? Criticism? I'd love to hear it...


Unknown said...

You could use the blue background/white image/red background that is used in a large number of other sports (NBA logo, MLB logo, etc.).

Another option would be crossed skis behind a compass or something like that? Or compass & a snowflake or something?


Luke S said...

I like the last back design you had. Simple but effective. I'm not as sure about the front.

Kris said...

you're really gonna have to get creative if your jackets have pointy shoulders like that! go with just lettering on the back.

Jamie said...

I like just the lettering on the back too.

Alex said...

Thanks guys. If I go with white lettering in the back I'll probably go with the white in the front too.