Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vacation, and the Bogburn

From Craftsbury, it was on to Rochester for some pagan rituals involving "loot" and "goo", those terms referring to what goes under versus on the tree. A few short days, and the adventure-mobile headed north and east, through the belly of a snowstorm that added 3 hours to the trip, landing me at Mt. Sainte Anne, Quebec. As expected, the skiing was fabulous. I basically skied until I couldn't anymore, and like every year, it is too easy to fall into the routine of eat, ski, eat, sleep, ski, eat, sleep... Kathy and I ran a tight ship, and our condo of "orphan" CSU kids was well-behaved and fun to have under our charges.

After skiing more than was good for me, the trip wasn't over. South I went, and came to a stop in Weston VT, for a proper new year's celebration, where it was cold enough that the beer was frozen. So more skiing ensues, because what else can you do when it's that cold out? I suppose some might consider indoor activities, but I've never been too bright.

Finally, my vacation came to an end, and I had to re-enter the world where days have meaning and time goes by too quickly. But not without a quick stop by Pomfret VT, for the Bogburn, a true classic of a race. Individual start, single track, one lap, windy awesome trails. The course had gotten the full brunt of the snowstorm two days earlier, making for some fabulous skiing. I had trouble going any faster than 30k pace, which was unfortunate for the results-oriented department of my brain, but I really enjoyed being able to pass all the people I passed, and ski racing because I love it.    

A snowy Christmas Eve walk through Rochester. Actually a cool city, now that we're out of the suburbs.

Doing some coaching on the Mt sainte Anne trails. 

Kathy and I got out for a ski one afternoon. So cold, but so fun. 

The annual camp pursuit race went off at five degrees (Fahrenheit!) and blustery. I had fun racing with my juniors, and managed to just sneak ahead of Kathy, but Rob beat me in the all-important coaches race. 

Sometimes they are little monsters, but most of the time our group was awesome. 

Pretty star at the New Years party!

Ed's beer was frozen. Thankfully no bottles exploded!

Sharon had an awesome penguin hat!

Two feet of snow at -15F. Wowzers!

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