Monday, May 7, 2007

Still no racing...

Not racing on weekends almost makes for a boring life. Except that Ed and I went to a junkyard saturday, and that was pretty cool. We wanted to find a new door handle thingy for my car, since its broken, and the uninitiated don't know how to open the passenger side door from the inside. I'd never been to a junkyard before--Ed says next he'll take me to a demolition derby, just to get in touch with my redneck side. I can't wait! Anyway, there were cars everywhere, mostly missing large pieces that would make it difficult for them to roll, and usually stacked. We found our way to the Honda section, and man, there were a lot of Hondas. I don't know if that means that Hondas are shitty cars that die a lot, or just that most of them end up in junkyards. Maybe there were that many other types of cars too, I wasn't really paying attention to that. So we checked every dang Honda in that lot for a passenger side door handle with the electronic locking bit, because Ed says it has to be the exact same piece or it won't work. I'll trust him, since I wouldn't be the one installing the thing. It turns out that every Honda with a door handle similar to mine (i.e. the hinge is plastic, not metal) either had a broken handle or it had already been taken. But at least I got to go to a junkyard!

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