Friday, May 25, 2007


My legs are trashed. It feels like somebody took out all the useful bits like tendons and muscles and bones and stuff and re-filled the skin with jello. Jello doesn't do much for trying to ride a bike.

Here's to hoping that the jello will drain out and the muscles will re-appear before sunday... I should probably bring some cookies to the race just so that when it goes horribly at least I can be happy afterwards :)

On that topic, I desperately need new mtb brake pads. But my logic is that the last time I tried to change something right before a race, things went badly, so I'll just change the pads after the race. The second part of this logic is that if I'm racing I won't need my brakes, right? Because if its technical you'll find me just running... and not being able to fully stop will just make me a better (or more bruised) biker! continuing on that topic all of my bikes need some serious attention. I hope nothing breaks before I get around to it.

And completely off topic, they widened and repaved a long and [previously] really sucky section of the charles river bikepath! rollerskiing heaven! No more jumping over roots and dodging out of the way of crazy bikers! Once my hands toughen up I'll ski to work again. real soon now.

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josh said...

jello tastes good tho...