Thursday, September 4, 2008

Abusing the crosswalk

I want a cattle prod to zap annoying pedestrians on my commute. I bet it would also be useful for shortening the line at the RMV. Actually, I want an invisible cattle prod... muahahaha!

'Cross is right around the corner. I think my first one will be Amesbury. The added bonus is that I am the cupcake supplier at that race, so stop on by and support my "cause". Hey, if cupcakes can get me around the world, I'll take it! The downside to this cooler weather is that soon, getting dressed to get to work is going to be a real pain. There are days, in the late fall before I completely give up on bicycles, when it takes me longer to peel off all the spandex than to actually shower. That is really the main deterent to riding through the winter. Not that you have any fewer layers on skis, but they just don't have to be as tight... no chainrings to bite you!

Off to Rochester tomorrow to see a little beagle before he stops pooping. I wish he could just poop out that tumor. It would make things a little easier.

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