Monday, September 1, 2008

Franklin Falls time trial

Thursday morning we had the Franklin Falls time trial. I was hoping for a really good result, for all the normal reasons, but it wasn't to be. Soon after the steep part started, I got the fluttery heart thing, and although I was tempted to push through it, I [wisely] decided that this is not something that you push through, and sat down to wait it out. Very frustrating, I definitely need to get this checked out sooner rather than later.

The fun part was early on, when two bikers who were stopped watched us go by and then one of them cheered "go Alex!" I must have looked at him really confusedly, because then he said "I read your blog!" That pretty much made my day. So whoever you are, thanks for the cheering! It made me feel famous for a minute.

The bake sale was another success. People will sprint so hard for cupcakes... Hopefully there are some cross races with cupcakes in my future. I'm going to try my hand at mini cupcakes!

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velocb said...

That fluttery heart thing--it could be :

typically refers to the cardiac rhythm which produces a ventricular rate greater than 100 beats per minute;
sometimes refers to the cardiac rhythm which produces an atrial rate greater than 100 beats per minute while the ventricular rate remains unaffected.[1]

My brother gets this if he has too much caffeine or is low on electrolytes. You should get it checked out but its easy to manage, but you don't want to mess with your heart.