Friday, October 3, 2008

Italy photo dump, Part I (Umbria)

We're leaving Umbria tomorrow, where we've been renting a house on a hillside with a gorgeous view. The days have been filled with touristing, eating, drinking, biking, exploring, and more eating. Everything you might think Italy can be-- it is. Tomorrow we're off for Rome, so here is a photo dump from the past week. Be jealous =)

This is our house.

It has a tower.

This is what the countryside looks like 'round these parts.

Teh interwebs is very slow here, so, I can't put up as many photos as I wanted. Check out my flickr site for the rest of them. I'll probably find some way to load more photos soon, though...


Zoo said...

WOW, that looks sooo cool, I would love to visit Italy one day. Glad you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing in Italy? Shouldn't you be rollerskiing in Whistler or something instead?