Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hurry up and wait!

We showed up to the race course today hoping to race. I say hoping, but not expecting, since the predicted high was -7F, and I don't think it ever got above -5 today... First they delayed the start to 1:30 (from 11:30), then to 2 as just a qualification round, and then they delayed the race until tomorrow. Which is predicted to be just as cold. Could this be a nationals with no sprint competition? I hope not...

I went and skied part of the 10km loop after the race was cancelled, and this place is just BEAUTIFUL. The rime coats every surface, looking like new snow, the mountains hover in the distance, and the trails are twisty and turny and have hairy downhills and long uphills and I can't wait to race on them!

Sunrise over the mountains

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