Monday, July 22, 2013

Some photos from WOC

Thanks to Ken for coming along as our official team photographer - he grabbed some great shots.  Unfortunately, some of my photos it's painfully obvious how slowly I'm moving, but hey, I've never been one to avoid putting photos of myself online!
Go Team USA! (Boris is missing)

Proof that I followed my instructions to myself in the sprint to keep my head up.


Even prancercizing was hard on the long distance day.

Stadium was PACKED for opening ceremonies and sprint final.  Team USA made lots of noise - we're an excitable bunch!

Team cheer every night!

The following photos are from Jan Kobach at World of O: 

I found one!  Photo:

Difficult prancercizing.  Photo:



And this one is from Nick Barrable of Compass Sport magazine.  I used to be embarrassed by having huge thighs, but I think I've come around, and am now proud of those strong legs.  Those things create power.  Also, the Team USA uniform looks way better with the blue lightning socks!

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