Saturday, August 31, 2013

Greylock, and a corn maze

Last weekend, the Jospe pack gathered on top of Mt. Greylock for a quick weekend vacation.  It was pretty awesome, involving some hiking, some biking, and a trip to Sunderland for the corn maze o'.  A nice change of pace in a beautiful setting.  I enjoyed our hike, but my feet were twitching to run those trails.  Next year.  We had an awesome weekend of low humidity and beautiful views, and it was fun to look across the valley and see the Hoosac ridge, where I'd raced the weekend before. 

Looking north toward Vermont, from the AT.

By the powerline cut, which is apparently a ski trail.  It's steep!

This is the visitor center on top of the mountain, that also has some rooms in it you can rent out.  Totally acceptable accommodation!
So then the corn maze - my corn maze orienteering skills really need some improvement.  Ed beat me three for three, and I made many, many mistakes.  At least the rest of the family appeared to be having fun!

 I blame my poor result in the night-o on an excessive amount of barbecue consume directly beforehand.  Buffets are evil!  but delicious...

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